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What do you get in the program?

  • Hammrr Fitness Gym Membership

    Unlimited gym access to Hammrr Fitness where you can do all you weights, cardio and more. Plus be apart of an amazing community. SIGN UP NOW and gain FREE membership until the program commences!

  • Members' Access to Trainerize

    With Trainerize, you will receive all your training programs through your phone from the app. You will also have access to heaps of different exercises that include video demonstrations and guidance. This will also allow you to track your training and will keep you accountable to keep you up to date with your training every week.

  • Private Facebook Community

    You will be apart of a private Facebook group community (everyone in the group) with like minded people like your self after the same goals to discuss your successes, learning’s, downfalls or muck ups and just for general friendly support. This will also keep you accountable and motivated. Being apart of something you will feel obligated to want the results just like everyone else!

  • Professional Before and After Photos (optional)

    You have the option to have professional before and after photos taken at the start before the program commences and at the end when the program finishes. To not only see how far you’ve come but to also have something to be able to remind you of what you’re capable of.

  • Weekly Assessments

    You will be assessed weekly with weight, body composition and girth measurements. This will not only help you track your progress but it will also hold you accountable.

  • Membership Access to Tight and Toned in 8 Online

    Complete online access to weekly lessons covering Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise with plans of action to follow to make sure you have all the know how to getting your results. Including preparation week content and other valuable sources of information to getting your dream body!

  • Your Very Own Tailored Diet Plan

    Diet and nutrition comes down to the individual to get real results so your diet will be made to you and to you alone, completely tailored to any likes, dislikes and intolerance’s and to your daily schedule. You will get a couple of variations so you don’t get bored and so you stay motivated. You will be required to track all your diet through My Fitness Pal, an app that is free to download, this will keep you accountable to eating right and sticking to your diet plan every week to make sure you’re on track to getting your results.

  • 2 X Group Session Class Passes every week

    You will have access to our group training twice a week in our weekly classes running 5 different times to best suit your most convenient and available time. All running at Hammrr Fitness. The times are: Monday 6:00pm, Tuesday 6:00am and 6:30pm, Wednesday 7:00pm and Thursday 7:30pm.

  • Fortnightly Catch Ups

    At the end of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 we will catch up at a location such as the 1000 steps or Olinda Falls for either a walk or exercise to catch up with these like minded people in your group to keep you dedicated and stay motivated. This can also be time to reflect, ask questions and also connect with the people in your group.



Sign up now and gain membership access to Hammrr Fitness for the entire time before the program commences at no extra cost.


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Our next Tight and Toned in 8
Starts 1st July 2017

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Just using our THREE CORE pillars to transform not only your body and mind but your whole life.

With these essential core pillars of life, there is no reason why you can't get your dream body. We help you to follow every step that is required, to ensure that you get the results you’ve been looking for. Now it's your time to act!

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