Group classes is a great way to jump into any class running at Hammrr Fitness to get your heart rate up, sweat on and to really work on your fitness. Classes range boxing, to circuit and strength and conditioning.


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Enjoy Boxing Classes and Boot Camp Fitness in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Hammrr Fitness is committed to helping our customers enjoy complete satisfaction. We do this by getting our clients to reach their health and fitness goals; it’s our number one priority. Group fitness sessions such as boot camp and boxing classes in Bayswater are a great and cost effective way to get together and get fit with family, friends and work colleagues. It’s even a great way to meet some new people, and works nicely in conjunction with one on one personal training sessions.

Achieve your goals with our Bayswater group sessions

Our Group Classes run continuously at Hammrr Fitness located in Bayswater. Our group fitness classes are energetic and aimed at pushing you to your potential. But don’t think that at Hammrr Fitness we turn into commandos and yell and scream; in our group sessions you go at your own pace and time so you don’t have to worry.

Why group classes?

Our classes training varies in style made to suit for everyone. There may be Cardio, Weight Training, Body weight activities, Core work, Boxing classes, Circuit training and more! Here are just a few reasons why you should book your place in one of Hammrr Fitness’ group classes in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs:

  • A fun way to get motivated and to push yourself to get through a full class.
  • Enjoy dynamic boot camps with family, friends and even some new people for a great price!
  • Great way to meet new people in the Bayswater area and get into shape at the same time.
  • We make all of our boot camps different and fun for the whole group. Our training isn’t about thrashing people; it’s about working you to your ability, so you can work out at your own pace.
  • As a group, boxing classes and other sessions can be less confronting and easier to keep each other motivated

With ridiculously good prices and your first session session is FREE you can't go wrong!


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