My Cutting Log – Week 8 – NO CARBS – Going KETO!!!


My cutting log – Weeks 8 … NEW APPROACH … Going KETO!

If you haven’t already watched part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, make sure to watch them to get all the tips and the intro to this series to “My Cutting Log” which you can watch here…







I’d like to reiterate again, I am personally taking you through one of my very own cutting regimes. Pretty much showing you the in’s and out’s to cutting fat. Seeing it first hand some times makes it a little easier. The idea of cutting weight when you’ve tried but failed or you’ve never cut weight before can be quite daunting. I want to show you it’s not as hard as many may think.

Week 8 Intro

So, something did go wrong in week 7. I didn’t get as lean as I thought I would but this is where I show you my new plan of attack. Again it may have come down to a number of reasons. One: my refeeds may have been over the top (hence not counting calories) but at the same time it was fun! And two: from doing my Fat Log in the previous series, putting so much fat on so quick I may have damaged my insulin sensitivity and resistance. If this was the case then it’s going to make cutting a little harder for me to get to the lower percentages I was aiming for. I still got good results but not exactly what I was hoping for. In this video I go over how I’m tackling a new approach to not only fixing insulin resistance but burning more fat with more calories and going KETO… No CARBS!

Take home notes

Lowering your carbs

Lowering your carbs may mean less energy as your body still prefers to use carbs for energy than it does fat. But gradually lowering your carbs like I have through out this 8 weeks is the best way to go so your not left flat on your back for energy. You slowly give your body a chance to work on burning more and more fat. The last drop I have done is quite dramatic for me as I’d usually cut more fat than I have with more carbs. BUT like I said, I didn’t get to where I was hoping to be. So, the next measure is lowering the carbs even more. Remember the lower the carbs, the lower the insulin. The lower the insulin, the more fat burning potential you have. Remember to up your protein or fats when doing this too, you don’t want to put yourself into too much of a deficit or calories.

Going Ketosis

Okay, so it didn’t take me long (one day) to decide going completely ketosis. What this means is cutting carbs to less than 5% of your daily intake. So a basic keto diet will consist of 25% Protein, 70% Fat and 5% or less of Carbs. You’d be surprised where and how they add up. For my first 2 days of going keto, I hit the 5% eating nuts, veggies, cottage cheese and things that contain around 3% or lower of carbs. The kinds of foods that you wouldn’t consider a carb food. They ALL add up. So you could pretty much remove fruits, whole grains or anything of the sort that has you thinking carbs.

Testing for Ketones and Adapting

Getting ketostix is a great way to see if you’re on the right track or not. All you have to do is pass the stick through your urine as you go to the toilet or you can let it sit in a cup for a few seconds. This is a great way to test for at least for the first 2 weeks. As your body is adjusting to being in a state of ketosis, your urine should show signs of ketones. BUT at the same time don’t be fooled if after 2 weeks this measurement goes down. Initially showing excess ketones in your urine is good as it means your body is metabolizing fats and creating ketones. The unfortunate bit is, your body doesn’t know how to use ketones fully.

Your body now has to create or enzymes to break the ketones down to use for energy. This is usually called the keto-adaption phase that can take up to 3 weeks. 2 Weeks on average if done properly. In my case I’m half way through so one week in by the end of this video. The first 2 nights I woke up like I’d slept in the Sahara Desert. So fluid up BIG TIME. What happens is now since you’re not consuming carbs, your kidneys excrete all your sodium which is an electrolyte to keep you hydrated. So not only fluid up but salt up too. Preferably Pink Himalayan as it contains the most amount of minerals.

Pushing On

When the going gets tough, push on. As my energy declined in the week half way through the adaption phase I was struggling with work and everything else, even training. Now as long as you know that was is happening is normal and you’re expecting it, it doesn’t make it as bad. But someone approaching Keto not expecting any drop in energy or feeling of lethargy is in for a rude awakening. Just know that the adaption phase is not very pleasant but the firmer you stick to it the easier you’re going to make it in the long run. Put it this way, lowering your carbs sucks and will leave you with lowered energy. So, you’d rather your body start burning those ketones for energy that are going to make you feel amazing sooner than later, right? So keep those carbs below 5%, don’t veer off. Endure the storm and the results will pay off. Just keep that in mind as you’re adapting if this is an option that you would consider taking.


As for the results over the 8 weeks. I’m pretty happy. I didn’t get to 7% but I did get to 9.5% and coming off my “Fat Log” the way I did, I think I should be happy with those results. This was my first time attempting a “Fit to Fat to Fit” kind of experiment. It was fun and quite interesting to see how my body would go. As much as I talked about what not to do, only because I had mildly done it in the past, I’d never done all the “what not to do’s” at once to get FAT the way I did. I hope this whole log both “My Fat Log” and “My Cutting Log” gave you a good insight to what not to do and what to do when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

I went from 104kg at 12% body fat to 115kg at 17% body fat during my fat log. Then I went back down to 105kg at 9.5%. A total of 16 weeks of up then down to bring you my version of Fit to Fat to Fit, giving you the ins and out and hopefully leaving the misconceptions behind.

If you haven’t seen “My Fat Log”, make sure to get up to speed with that one on our You Tube channel below or check out the last episode here…

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