My Cutting Log – Week 7 – SOMETHING WENT WRONG


My cutting log – Weeks 7… SOMETHING WENT WRONG…but don’t panic, I’ll show you how I fixed it up!

If you haven’t already watched part 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 make sure to watch them to get all the tips and the intro to this series to “My Cutting Log” which you can watch here…






I’d like to reiterate again, I am personally taking you through one of my very own cutting regimes. Pretty much showing you the in’s and out’s to cutting fat. Seeing it first hand some times makes it a little easier. The idea of cutting weight when you’ve tried but failed or you’ve never cut weight before can be quite daunting. I want to show you it’s not as hard as many may think.

Week 7 Intro

So, like it says in the title…something did go wrong. I didn’t get as lean as I thought I would by now. I may have come down to a number of reasons. One: my refeeds may have been over the top (hence not counting calories) but at the same time it was fun! And two: from doing my Fat Log in the previous series, putting so much fat on so quick I may have damaged my insulin sensitivity and resistance. If this was the case then it’s going to make cutting a little harder for me to get to the lower percentages I was aiming for. I still got good results but not exactly what I was hoping for.

Take home notes

Re-Feed – Go crazy?

So as you can tell if you’ve been keeping up in the series my refeed days are quite epic and full. My aim is to obviously replenish glycogen stores with A LOT of carbs and hit over my calories expenditure. As well as giving me sanity for another week too, you also get to enjoy yourself. But, this may come with a consequence. If you don’t count and you do happen to eat TOO much you may put on some unwanted fat. Now, I don’t count my calories because I want people and you to know that if you’re not competing and you’re just doing it for the sake of losing some fat then I think you should just have fun and eat what you want. If however, you start struggling or you want to get down to low percentages then you may need to be a bit more accurate with your re-feeds. ALSO, having such a big re-feed may leave you struggling for half the week to follow. You’ll most likely get craving for the foods you indulged on. So just be careful, play it safe but still have fun and claim your sanity and some energy back!

Burning more fat with less carbs

This is one of the ways I go to fix the problem I seem to have losing more fat. Lowering your carbs means lower insulin which means more fat burn. Plus as long as your glycogen stores are not full then your body will have to burn fat to use for energy. Carbs are broken down into glycogen which is then stored in your muscle bellies and liver. The more you work out and use up these stores while not replenishing them then the more your body will have to use your fat while you’re in a deficit. The re-feed days will essentially replenish those stores but if you’re having trouble losing the fat you want to lose like I am at the end then you may need to limit your re-feed and even lower your carbs during the week even more.

Your body wants to use carbs because it’s so easily available and would rather burn carbs than fat when it can. But by limiting the carbs, you’re giving your body no other choice, you just may feel a lot more tired.

Make the most of your RE-FEED POWER

While you have the energy on your re-feed and enjoying the day any way you should make the most of it by lifting. This way you may even lift more than you have been during your cut which is a good signal to the body that you still need the muscle that you have on your body. What happens when we go on a diet to lose fat, your body is essentially thinking we don’t have enough fuel to power this muscle and if it’s getting less use then we may as well get rid of some. You don’t want that to happen. That’s also another reason you should never ever look at going lighter with more reps when you go on a diet to lose fat. Always try keep your strength up as much as possible with heavy lift…that you can still handle.

Scales aren’t everything

Don’t always go off exactly what the scales are because you may be taking the numbers the wrong way. In other words if you have more water for one day, you may think you put on weight. If you have your re-feed then weigh in, you’ll most likely look like you’ve put on body fat because of water retention. You want to go off “Body Composition”. This is your lean body mass and your fat percentage. But, in saying that… if using scales like mine (which are with in 3% accuracy) they could be lying to you. The most accurate way to get you body fat would be with either skin folds or even better yet capsule pressure tests. But, another two simple method to go off is simply the way you look and how your clothes fit. These two can some times be even more accurate. Unfortunately at the same time they could also be your worst enemy, looking in the mirror in some crap lighting could put you off as well. So just know as long as your getting gradual results over time then all is good.


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