Cutting Log Week 4 – Shooting Guns, Doughnuts and Burning FAT!


My cutting log – Week 4 – Cut Fat with me!

If you haven’t already watched part 1, 2 or 3 make sure to watch them to get all the tips and the intro to this series to “My Cutting Log” which you can watch here…




I’d like to reiterate again, I am personally taking you through one of my very own cutting regimes. Pretty much showing you the in’s and out’s to cutting fat. Seeing it first hand some times makes it a little easier. The idea of cutting weight when you’ve tried but failed or you’ve never cut weight before can be quite daunting. I want to show you it’s not as hard as many may think.

There is a science and a series of rules to follow and that’s it. Some rules may vary and can be adjusted to suit you. In this cut I am taking quite an efficient but easier approach. I could definitely tighten is up and make it a lot more strict but I am trying to reach a broader audience that wants to effectively lose weight but not necessarily jump on stage for competition. You just have to be determined. Through the steps I take you through, I hope to open your perception to make your weight loss journey a bit easy. Even if you were to take just a few tips (even 1) from each video, that should definitely help you on your way.

This weeks results came in strong and I’m quite happy with them. I’m now down 6.5kg and 5% body fat! Half way now, see what else I can get to with the remaining 4 weeks!

Take home notes from WEEK 4 –


Pre-workout is great for a boost of energy and to boost your metabolism too. On those down days or when you’re lacking in energy because of your restricted diet, a pre before your workout is a great pick me up. The main ingredients in pre-workouts’ will usually be:
– Caffeine (stimulant)
– Arginine / Agmatine (increases blood flow)
– Beta-Alanine (regulates lactic acid)
– Magnesium (hydration and conductivity)
– Creatine (fuels your most powerful energy system in the body)
– Citrulline (another nitric oxide booster helping your endurance)

On the topic of pre-workouts, they can be good like anything used sparingly. Because pre-workout is a stimulant (majority) and even some contain even harder stimulants. This is great when you feel good on the day but what goes up must come down. And that continual up and down over time will eventually take it’s toll on your thyroid and adrenal glands. Both of which have a lot to do with your immunity, energy and metabolism. Stuff that up and you won’t be burning fat any time soon. I’d recommend using preworkout that’s stimulant based up to 5 times a week and no more.passion-fruit-1600x1000

Elevation Mask

As you could see in the video, it kind of makes me look like Bane out of Batman. Now the point of this is to strengthen your diaphragm and breathing capabilites. Hopefully it increases your performance and your bodies’ ability to saturate and use the oxygen in your lungs. It’s suppose to mimic the affects of high altitude as at tremendous heights where oxyegn is limited it gets harder to breathe. But, unfortunately there are a few factors missing to make this 100% accurate but if you did want to take it to that level, they do have pods and machines that can be harness to you to get close to the exact affect.

For now if you want to be really pushed and sweat out even more than ever with the same time on the cardio, definitely try one of these. For $120 I think it’s worth it. I think I also have a bit more appreciation for it as I have asthma and it definitely helps with my

Easy Snacks

Having go to snacks is a great way to save time and even have an emergency food to grab when you run out. For me I love to keep a stock of Tuna and Beans, cans of plain tuna and cups of microwavable rice. These are a bit more expensive than you would pay for the ingredients individually but for the sake of cooking and cleaning, it’s definitely convenient and can save you from slipping off your diet.beans

Alternative Times for Cardio

So one morning I missed my usual fasted cardio which I prefer to do. This was due to a client booking in early so I had a few options. I could get to the gym around 5am to do my cardio but I had a late night the night before and I needed my sleep. I could eat no carbs when I got to the gym, train my client then do my cardio and then have the rest of the breakfast after. Or lastly I could do it at night time when my carbs are close to zero again so I’m getting optimal fat burn. If this ever happens to you and some how you miss your intended time for cardio you can simply do this. Or rule of thumb is not have carbs around your cardio when you’re trying to burn fat. Less insulin means more fat burn.

Alternatives for Cardio

Some times cardio can get quite boring and people tend to slip when they get bored. My recommendation is to keep your cardio as interesting as you can. For example on the Saturday I went hiking, still getting active and it happened to be the lowest carb day of the week so win win. Instead of always jumping on the treadmill or bike, get out side and go for a run or if you have a bike go for a ride. As long as it still works up a sweat and gets your heart rate up, you should be burning fat. So change it up!download-2

Beware Sugar Free Products

This can be such a gimmick some times. When a product says sugar free or no sugar then you to ask yourself, what’s in it to make it so sweet? Well it’s either Stevia which is a natural sweetener from plants. Alternatively it could be chemicals. These chemicals is really what you want to be careful of. Now even though you’re saving on calories, you’re not saving on the nasty sides that it has to the body that could hinder your weight loss any way. So it could contradict the reason for having it in the first place.

These chemicals throw the PH / Balance out in your body. To get it back to normal, your vitamins and minerals sacrifice them selves to put things back to order. If our PH is out for too long, tremendous side effects and health issues could take place, even death! But your vitamins if in supply won’t let that happen. BUT, now with out those vitamins and mineral that are used to assist in bodily function and … weight loss are now gone. Some times it’s honestly better off going the full sugar and sacrificing the calories. But if it’s not worth it for the day then maybe you just have to give it a miss. I’d advise using Stevia as it’s my preference to natural sweetening for anything from porridge to

Reiterating Re-Feed Rules

As stated in the last video in Week 3 I went over the importance of a re-feed. To do with keeping your sanity and enjoying yourself and increasing optimal fat burn for the week to follow. This weeks’ refeed I started at 8am and went all the way until 10pm, so you could say I really enjoyed my self. I want you to remember though the aim is to reach over your calorie expenditure, mine being around 4200-4500 I was aiming to hit 5000 calories or above (maybe 6000 as a cut off). This may take you one meal or even a few meals to reach yours so do what works for you. I like to spread mine over the whole day.

The key notes to take home is CARBS and FATS. That’s what you’re really aiming to consume. While during the week your deficit of calories and carbs is depleting your muscle bellies of their energy resulting in you feeling less energetic and even weaker. This re-feed is essential to fill your glycogen stores back up to give your muscles energy again. The fats are great to really replenish your body of it’s efficiency in operating. Although you’re getting fats during the week they’re very limited due to being so calorie dense, so this is good just to have a top up. For more information on re-feed days and how to incorporate them click HERE.

Have fun with it and prep yourself for another week of cutting to come. This will help you keep your sanity and keep you motivated.


  • Pre-workout’s are great for a boost of energy but becareful and use them sparingly.
  • Elevation mask are great to squeeze more out of your cardio in the same amount of time and great for asthma suffers. Plus it’s a great way to improve the practice of breathing properly.
  • Make sure to stock up on easy snacks in case of emergencies and to save time if need be.
  • Times for cardio may change but just work with the time you have and time your carbs around your cardio.
  • Make sure to change up your cardio so you don’t get bored but you keep your activity up.
  • Don’t fall for the sugar free products, just know they’re just as bad if not worse than the full sugar products. Maybe every now and again is fine, but be wary.
  • Make sure to have fun on your re-feed, get the essential calories, carbs and fats in for the following week to keep your sanity, motivation and fat burn at an all time high.

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