Cutting Fat with me on my Shred – Tattoo’s and Refeed’s while burning fat!


My cutting log – Week 3 – Cut Fat with me!

If you haven’t already watched part one or two, make sure to watch them to get all the tips and the intro to this series to my cutting log which you can watch here…




My aim is to take you through the in’s and out’s to my very own cut to show you what can be involved. What better way than to log it all and put it on display. Especially coming straight off my fat log where I put 11kg on by eating healthy food to destroy the misconception that cutting is just about eating healthy food. Too many times to count people have come to me with this thought only to fall short because of their expectations. This way to include my cut for you as well, you won’t over expect or under expect the next time you try to lose weight yourself. And you’ll know what to do while getting the results you’re after if you’re willing to follow the steps!

Rather aim or expect too high than fall short and give up!

Sometimes getting a preview is the best way to approach it. The last thing you want to do is have an expectation of it’s so easy then fall short and give up because it was too hard. At least by seeing what’s involved, you can set your own expectation. You’d rather aim too high and it be too easy than too low and then to give up. Hopefully this will give you a good idea.

Take home notes from WEEK 3 –

Carb Cycling is the way to go

As you could tell already from my prior logs I am carb cycling which I find is the most efficient way to cut fat and spare muscle in a short amount of time. Although time consuming it’s well worth the results. You can definitely fit it into any busy schedule there is just a bit more preparation involved. A little more sorting too to make sure you have the right meals for the right days. I just wanted to point out that carb cycling is not a compulsory. You can simply just go for a deficit of calories with a good balance of macro’s so your protein, carbs and fats. To work out your day you can use our “Fat Burning Blue Print” … our free calculator for you. For more on carb cycling click HERE.

You CAN eat out

As you could see in the video and even previous video’s I go out for dinner, quite a bit too. Too many think you can’t and conclude it’s too hard because that’s not living. For 1, it’s only a short amount of time and 2, you CAN eat out. All you need to know is what to look for to match it with your normal diet plan. Be careful of hidden sauces or other ingredients they may not put or list on the menu.

Simply asking the waiter or waitress the weight of the meat (if it doesn’t already state it) is possibly all you need to determine the amount of calories in the meal. The rest of the meal may just be fibrous veggies if you’re carb cycling. Otherwise general rule is half a fist size of carbs (aka rice, pasta etc.) is about 200 cals or 50g of carbs. Fats may be in sauce or on the meat it’s self so just be careful of that too. From that you can estimate and get pretty close to your meal that you intended to have if you didn’t go out. This way you remain sane and seem like a normal person.


If you don’t like tea it’s possibly because of one of two reason. One: You have too much sugar in your diet and can’t appreciate tea for what it is. Or two, you just haven’t found the tea you like yet. There are so many different tea’s it’s not funny. Not to mention the mixing and matching of tea’s and flavors so possibilities are endless. Tea has close to no calories and some even may help you burn fat and assist with your every day life. Here are a few examples that are fantastic, so simple yet so effective…


Green Tea – helps metabolize fat and is a good wake me up.
Chamomile – helps with sleep for a better rest every night.
Peppermint – helps settling your stomach. I combine this with chamomile and a few others to aid an ultimate sleep.

There best thing about tea is all these different flavors have their own benefits so you can even combine the ones you want for taste and benefits… win win!


The savior to cutting. When everyone is going bland, you have seasoning. Most seasonings’ do not have calories, if any it’s very low to even consider. Now you want to be careful of cheap quality seasonings’ as they may use table salt as the main ingredient. You never ever ever want table salt. Why? It’s not even salt. Well, it is but only one third of it is. The rest is glass and sand that cuts the insides of your arteries and veins causing internal bleeding. This in turn causes cholesterol to try to heal those area’s which causes increase blood pressure. This is the reason why you may hear “SALT” is bad for you. No, we need salt. But the right salt! But that’s for another blog anyway.

Pink Himalayan is my first a best preference that I could recommend. You can add this or any seasoning (good quality) to anything you want. Do flavor up your food and enjoy but use sparingly, the last thing you want to do is burn your tongue or become so use to so much flavor everything else tastes even worse. The only time you want to be wary about your sodium levels is when you want to get down to very low percentages in body fat. As for the average goal of fat loss… enjoy some flavor.

WATER before bed

So I’ve already spoken about water during the day. You should be having 1 liter per 25kg of body mass. So for example for me sitting at 108kg (day of this post), I should be drinking at least 4 liter’s. But more importantly you want to have water before you go to bed too.

water splash on white background with reflection

Just think you’re not going to get any water or hydration for 6-8 hours straight. So, stock up! But obviously not too much that you need to get up to go to the toilet and ruin your sleep. You may need to play around with the amount you can tolerate to last the night…start with just half a glass and keep increasing. It may also come down to the amount of electrolytes are in your body too. So holdings’ may vary due to different factors.

Short cuts to cooking

Finding shortcuts to cooking and cleaning is sometimes the best thing you can do. If you have a busy life schedule and you always find yourself giving up on a diet or straying off because of something you had to cook. Or something took too long, you need to simplify. You need to do what works for you. For me, I like to cook my eggs in the microwave while preparing a shake or smoothie and what ever else is in the meal. This way everything finishes on time with out any hassle and I can eat straight away. I even have emergency cans of Tuna and Beans so that if I don’t have time or if I’ve run out of chicken or a certain ingredient and still haven’t gone to the shops. They fit my macros fairly well. What ever works for you, any emergency foods you can stock up on, do it! The last thing you want to do is resort to something that doesn’t fit then that habit continues and there goes your diet.



Sometimes also a savior when it comes to cutting. Running low on energy from calories you may be able to squeeze a pick me up out of a short black or coffee. Yes, I said short black (aka espresso). If you can’t handle the taste then maybe you’ve had too much sugar or you can’t appreciate coffee. OR it’s bad coffee. The alternative is using Stevia as a natural sweetener and even almond milk. Sometimes I just add a table spoon of almond milk to take the edge off the bitterness. Coffee is still great to have in your diet (caffeine) to help boost metabolism. Be careful of frothing normal milk as when heated, a bi-product is released that is essentially sugar. A good healthy amount of caffeine per day is said to be around 200mg. Each standard coffee or short black will have about 80mg of caffeine.



Now this is ABSOLUTELY crucial. I like to start my cutting / fat loss journey without a re-feed or cheat meal for 3 weeks. Especially going from where I was, stocking up on a crap load of calories and carbs every single day to bulk up, my bodies leptin levels and glycogen stores would have been high. So really get the most out of fat burning for the initial period of your cut start with 2-3 weeks straight cutting. The idea behind a re-feed is to boost metabolism and leptin levels. This re-feed day or meal is for one going to keep you sane and give you something to look forward to. And two, it’s going to help you burn even more fat for the week to come. Depending on how much fat you carry and how many calories and carbs you consume your re-feed amount of calories to hit may differ. Rule of thumb to make it easy is you want to reach at least your calorie expenditure. That can also be calculated on the “Fat Burning Blue Print”. Mainly aim for high fats and carbs. You want to re-fill glycogen stores that have been depleted from the time in a deficit. For more information on leptin and re-feed time click HERE.


  • Carb cycle for the most efficient fat burn if you can organize yourself properly.
  • You CAN eat out, just know what you’re looking for… enjoy yourself still IF, you can remain controlled.
  • Find and enjoy a tea that you like to enjoy as a hot drink replacement.
  • Use seasoning sparingly to keep your taste buds a live and your brain not bored so you don’t fall off track.
  • Find your short cuts to cooking to make your journey easy and with less hassles. Also try find some emergency foods thsat you don’t even have to cook that fit your macros well.
  • Enjoy coffee, boost your metabolism and energy. Up to 200mg is fine.
  • Look forward to and enjoy a re-feed day. Go nuts with either a meal or the day depending on your allowance of calories. Use the calculator to find your target. “Fat Burning Blue Print”


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