4 Simple Tips how to NOT F#CK UP your diet!


I’m sure you’ve tried to get on a diet before or tried to lose weight and some where a long the line, you F#cked up. It happens! A lot of the time people don’t realize how hard it can be starting a diet. Usually what happens is if your diet was quite different to the one you’ll choose to commit to for results is you may struggle. But, only at the start. First your body needs to adapt. In this stage you’re the most prone to giving in or looking for that naughty treat that will throw the day out the window. Your brain or body will be looking for what’s missing, so just give it time and stay strong. These feelings or urges can be super strong. Which is why I’m providing you with 4 simple tips to help with it so you don’t go off track.

Only buy what is on your diet plan

By only buying the ingredients on your diet plan, you won’t have those tim tams or other delectable’s to grab. This is simply cutting the cause at the root. If you get home after a big day and you feel peckish and those snacks that don’t fit in your diet are sitting there. Well, guess I’m sure where they’re going. From your diet plan, write out the ingredients and make a shopping list accordingly. This way you won’t buy what’s not on there, neither will it be there at home.



There is a lot of supplements that can help a lot. The 2 that I use personally are Chromium and Glucomannan.
Chromium simply helps regulate blood sugar and metabolize fat that will help slow cravings or that hunger feel.
Glucomannan consumed with water causes a bulky fiber to fill you stomach making you feel fuller. Doing this will lower the hunger hormone ghrelin from releases. In turn you won’t feel as hungry.
The other 2 are Appetite Suppressants’ and Magnesium.
Appetite suppressants’ obviously as the name states is suppose to suppress your appetite, a lot of different brands use different ingredients. I’ve used Swiss before and they didn’t seem too bad although would stick to the others before going to an appetite suppressant.
Magnesium will not only keep you hydrated, it will support joints and for some may limit some cravings for carbs or even “Chocolate” (for women). Hahaha

For more information on some of the best supplements to help with cravings go HERE.


Prepare your food

There is no better way than to prepare your food and have exactly what you’re allowed to have already set. Doing this will take your mind off the possibilities of what else is there, for you to then stuff it up with something you’re not suppose to have. If for some reason you forget to let’s say take a meal to work and you have to make do. Try match the macros and calories and the type of food as best you can. One slip up may lead to another and so on. So be careful. Do a big cook up at the start of the week or even twice a week to keep food as fresh as possible. Having the meals there, they’re easy to grab and go with no excuses. It’s like your criteria to your dream body already packed, all you have to do is eat it.


Cheat meal!

Having a cheat meal or re-feed meal is not only nice thing to have, it’s a must. A lot of people see if as a cheat because 1 they think it’s cheating their diet and 2 they think they can do what ever they want. To some degree you pretty much can but this is suppose to be controlled. The idea behind a re-feed meal is to boost leptin levels that have dropped from decreases carbs and calories. Having this re-feed will not only help keep your sanity by giving you something to look forward to. But it will boost your leptin and fat burning potential for the week to come. For more on you re-feed / cheat meal check out how to do it HERE.


Don’t buy what’s not on your diet plan so you not tempted to set that grenade off, don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burnt. Use maybe one supplement to start off with to take the edge off and see how you go. Prep all your food so it’s ready to go. And once a week include a re-feed day to keep your sanity and help you burn even more fat.


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