My Cutting Log – Part 2 – The in’s and out’s of effective weight loss


My cutting log – Week 2

If you haven’t already watched part one or the first week, make sure to watch that to get all the tips and the intro to this series to my cutting log which you can watch here…






Hopefully through this series I can give you all the tips that there is to cutting fat. What better way but by personally taking you with me on my journey over the next 8 weeks. Or should I say next 6. Two weeks already down and 4kg down along side 3% body fat. Really happy with the results.

Sometimes I wonder if it should be harder. Don’t get me wrong some times it can get tough. Going through some hangry moments, going to bed thinking of food, maybe even losing strength in the gym but still pushing through. But I’ve done it that many times that it’s the norm. This is what I encourage you to do though. Take it upon yourself to strive to learn and implement yourself. With the right knowledge and tools under your belt on how to cut fat, you too may think surely this should be harder. No, it’s just because now you’re doing it right. Like I said in the previous blog, the wrong tools to build a house and you may end up with a house you didn’t hope for or no house at all.

The tips for this week are as follows:

Stay Hydrated

So important for just general health, being hydrated may be the difference to you losing .2kg a week and .5kg or more and everything else in between could be the same. But more importantly, overall body functions. Quite the interesting observation when I went into the hospital the other week as a visitor. While doing this blog and to notice all the drips in every single room. I just thought that makes so much sense.

When you’re sick or need surgery or anything in the hospital, most of the time you could be put onto a drip. One to make sure you’re hydrated and two, to make sure what they’re doing is working or even the medication they give you is able to process and do it’s job. In other words H2O / water and the electrolytes in your body cause conductivity for nutrients and other systems to play their role effectively. Your daily needs required are 1 liter per 25kg of body weight and that excludes exercise. Slap on another liter every 1-2 hours of intense activity.

Supplement - Chromium

As already stated in my other blog in week 1 one of my supplements is Chromium. This is my savior when it comes to craving and looking for food. Don't get me wrong, I still get hungry but this just takes the edge off. It's ability to lower spikes in insulin and clearing the blood stream of blood glucose to lower blood sugar levels will ultimately level out your energy. This will not cause you to spike and drop. Even though I don't have much High GI sugars (fruit and honey), 95% are Low GI this will still level out that energy. It also helps metabolize fat, good for fat burn.

Use Seasoning, spice it up a bit!

A lot of people think it's all about keeping it plain for maximum results. Yes, but when you're getting closer to the 7% and under mark trying to look dry. Only then worry about sodium. Still do try not consume too much, so don't take that the wrong way. But don't drive yourself crazy either with plain old boiled chicken and veggies. That would drive me nuts.

Pick up a good seasoning, even just salt but make sure it's Pink Himalayan Salt...definitely my recommendation. The actual salt our body wants and needs. Don't even go for the table salt, without going too much into depth. It's not just salt...table salt is made up 1/3 salt, 1/3 sand and 1/3 glass...and we can assume that's not what we should be consuming. Season up and enjoy!

Push through the pain

So let's say you've just started doing abs and cardio for this cut or weight loss journey. You're in some pain with your legs or abs and you want to give in. Remember the first time you started anything at all. It was hard. And then what happened. It got easier. You became accustomed to it. And that's what the body does, it's a very smart and underestimated machine that will handle almost anything you throw at it. The only problem is sometimes the mind gets in the way. You need to think some times is it the body or the mind. If it's the mind, keep going, if it's the body...let it rest and it will adjust. It will get better and stronger.

Your taste buds change! IT'S TRUE...

Now that you don't want to be wasting any calories on high GI carbs or refined sugar (even though you shouldn't be having those anyway) your taste buds are going to come back to life. What I mean by that is, the way I look at sugar is like black. Among the colorful abundance of fruit and veggies, refined really sweet sugar is like black that covers the taste of all the colors. When you remove this and your sweet sensitivity comes down, you start tasting everything!

You'll look forward to veggies like you never have before. Not only for their nutritional values and the way they make you feel but yes, because of the way they taste. Sweet stuff is nice yes, but to truly experience the taste of actual food in so many ways is something else. I urge you to try cut out sugar for at least 2 weeks. Not to mention the health benefits but the difference in taste for everything is amazing.

Night time food is crucial

My meal before I go to bed usually consists of protein and fats with only fibrous carbs like veggies. I want my protein for through out the night to rebuild tissue damage to my muscles and of course spare my muscles as I'm in a deficit of calories. The fats I get just from 1 yolk. Egg yolk contains some good cholesterol that will help boost testosterone. This is an important component to build and sparing muscle and also burning fat. The veggies to not only help with digestion but also keep me full through out the night so I don't wake up ready to knockout and eat the next moving victim. Good sleep, good recovery, good fat burn.

Cardio improves very quickly

If you're a hater of cardio, don't fret. Cardio builds up relatively quickly especially if you don't usually do it. Kind of an added bonus to your cut if you don't usually do it as it put the body under more stress and burns more calories. But, either way your cardio vascular may improve quite a bit in a short time, like newbie gains (if you will). But at the same time, they are lost very easy too. Easy come easy go. Which is why it should be kept up. And like stated in the last blog, try fasting cardio for optimal results or do it late at night when you're at the lowest point of carbs or no carbs.

Compensate with food

If you run out of something in the kitchen or they don't have it at the shops when you go to buy it, all good! You can simply compensate with other foods as long as they match in protein, carbs and fats and calories. If it's carbs and you have Low GI on the diet plan then the replacement should also be Low GI. This may seem a bit tedious at first but you will come use to it and you will learn what foods you can and can't have. Your option will broaden without you having to think about it  next time. This is ultimately what you want plus you'll be able to keep your sanity if you ever can't find what you're looking for or you run out of it at home. People think they may have to stick to the same diet plan forever but it's not true. As long as the food matches up relatively similar then you're good to go.

Carbs are important before training heavy

The time that you want to have carbs is before a big weight session. If you're limiting your carbs to a minimal then maybe just have carbs before training and that's it. Your muscles use glycogen which is the broken down form of carbs in the body. So it's important to have glycogen in the muscles before you smash them. Not having enough in the muscle cells may deplete your energy and strength and may even reduce muscle. When you're in a deficit, you're trying to remind your body that you still need your muscle. So the last thing you want to do is also not provide the energy that's used when training heavy.

Make sure to keep up to date with the next part for more tips and advice, coming soon!

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