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The Fire

Ever wondered how to boost your metabolism in the search to burn more fat? Well I have the answer for you and it’s not with gimmicks, supplements or any other myths. It’s just with FOOD. Now you’re probably thinking okay, check! I already eat. Well yes, but maybe not at the right times or frequently enough. Think of your bodies metabolism like a fire and you have your food for the day resembled as fire wood. If you have the fire going already consistently you should keep it going consistently with wood aka food spread across the day. Smaller and more often the better.

Let's say for example you start to get hungry or you go a while without putting fire wood on. What's going to happen? The fire is going to reduce in size and temperature, yes the same as your metabolism. Now if you put too much on at once, sometimes that can have an adverse affect too. You could smother it with too much fuel for it to pick up. It may pick up eventually but it's the same with your body. It has to deal with all that fuel to burn through then it can be used as fuel to raise the temperature aka your metabolism.

3 Steps to keeping your meals frequent

Plan your food

Make sure to plan your food so that you have 6 meals that are spread out as often as possible. Try keep the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and calories nice and even over the whole day to accumulate your goal caloric intake. Whether it be for weight gain, loss or maintenance, this should be done regardless. This is not only going to allow your body to digest nutrients properly it's going to keep the fire roaring!

Sometimes it may come down to the time you have in a day too. Not everyone has access to a kitchen all hours of the day like I do so it may be a little different. If you're out on site and have no fridge then prep meals that you don't have to heat up and that can just be kept in the car or eski. Easy for you to grab and go. More prep the less fuss there will be. It can be done, you just have to make it work.

Time your meals

Now you may have the ability to choose what times you eat and you may not. Me being my own boss has it's perks of me choosing the times I eat. So my schedule is 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. Some times an extra meal here or there. And when I say meal, I mean just eating. Nuts for eample if it fit my criteria of macros and calories would be a meal. But if you have a scheduled morning tea and lunch break then you just have to work a long side that and make it work. If you're a shift worker, same goes. Get your shift times as early as possible to be able to prep food around that time. The food may have to change but that's where preparing comes in. Always hit the same times if you can for more consistency. This is going to in turn keep your metabolism and fat burn more consistent.

Set an alarm

If you're forgetful or just plain busy all the time, it's quite easy to miss a meal. And missing a meal may cost you some down time. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it just meant you could have been better off. Sometimes you could be working away and letting the day get away and before you know it there goes 4 hours and your meal was suppose to be an hour or two ago. So I found the best way is just to set and alarm every time you schedule to eat your food. This is also a very handy tip for water. QUICK HINT: 1L per 25kg of body weight should be consumed every day.


Keep the fire raging with grazing or at least consistent eating all day. Have a nice even balance of food, macros and calories. Plan your food, schedule it and set an alarm. Optimal metabolism and nutrient uptake means a more efficient body and more FAT BURN!


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