Ever needed some where to go when you sad, angry, anxious or even happy and wanted something to do. The different times I am talking about is when you’re emotional. These can be some of the best times to hit the gym and train. The gym is so amazing for so many different reasons but best of all it just makes you feel better…or at least at the end. Whether you’re down, alone, angry, sad, happy…the gym just seems to make it better. The gym isn’t always a place to go and smash yourself. In the end, as long as you get to gym then it’s better than nothing. You’re not only getting fit, but you get to feel good inside and out.

4 Main times when to the gym


Lets face it, we’ve all had a day or two…or more where we’re just so frustrated and angry. It’s only normal sometimes when things build and bottle up inside you just have to have an outlet. This may come out as anger. Whether it be something from work, your relationship, friends or what ever it may be, some things can just make you angry. What better place to let it all out but at the gym. No matter how hard you push, you won’t beat the weights but it’s worth a try in return for feeling better. Letting this tension off on the weights is much better than letting it off on your kids, partner or friends when it’s just your inability to think clearly. Let’s face it, when you’re angry there is always a way to think of it clearly or at least come up with a solution.


When you sad or down and you need that time a lone, the gym. Chuck your headphones in, get into your own space and away you go. Like meditation it's a great way to escape and let the exercises you decide to do fill you with amazing hormones. I'll admit I've cried doing sessions before. If you know me, I definitely don't like to miss any gym sessions so at first for me it wasn't a decision from being sad. I just had to train and I was feeling like crap. Like life was coming down but, by the end of the session I was thinking clearer and feeling a lot better. From then, any time I'd feel like that, I'd hit the gym. Even if I'd already trained that day, I'd go to the gym or at least do something active.

Anxious or stressed

I'm sure everyone has some level of stress some time in every single day. And some times that stress can build up. What actually happens when you stress is your brain speeds up, some times so does your heart rate and even without noticing a lot of people don't breathe properly. All these in a combo are a recipe for panic and poor health. When your brain and heart rate speed up plus you limit your breathing, your bound to feel tight, pressured and sometimes it can be so overwhelming it's like the world must be against you. I personally suffer from OCD which is associated with anxiety.

I suffer with in day in day out and it use to be a lot worse before I discovered the gym. What the gym teaches you is closely the same to meditation but a little different. When doing exercise it's crucial to keep proper form and keep your breathing in check for an efficient work out. Both these, concentrating on form takes your mind off anything else. And breathing properly simply helps regulate your breathing and heart rate. Now when you exercise you're actually causing yourself stress mentally and physically. BUT, this is good stress. Yes I said it, good stress. This kind of stress builds your tolerance to unnecessary stress that we don't want. This self inflicted stress, takes your mind off any other stress, as the body can only concentrate on so many things at once, why not choose where you want the stress to come from and it have a positive affect such as fitness!


Sure the gym isn't going to fix the problems that you may have going on. But, it may make the process in which fixing them is easier. What the gym or any exercise for that matter is going to do is allow blood flow to speed up around the body. Also releasing your good feeling hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Both of these in combination, can calm you down to then allow to make such better decisions or rationally think about any thing a lot better. Plus who doesn't want to feel good? The gym, your escape, your release, your meditation, your clarity, your punching bag, your counselor and psych, your go to!

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