My Cutting Log – Part 1 – The in’s and out’s of effective weight loss


My Cutting Log

So it begins. And what better way than to start straight off my Fat Log. My Fat Log showed you the what not to do’s and thing to look out for. I showed you that it’s not all about eating healthy food to lose weight but like I showed you first hand, I put on 11kg with healthy food. This is so that people get their head around the fact that it’s not just about “Healthy Food”. It’s also about timing, the types of food and the balance.

If you haven’t already seen My Fat Log you can watch all parts here…



Now it’s time to get lean!

Since I got fat for everyone, now I’m going to do the opposite and show everyone how to lose the weight. The tips, tricks, in’s and out’s to weight loss. AND it’s not as confusing as a lot of people make it out to be. You just need to know it and stick to it! Too many people come into the gym to lose weight but they’re mindlessly running on the treadmill thinking they’re burning fat when they’ve done nothing about their diet. This would be like a someone getting told to build a house and they don’t know a hammer or drill to a bar of soap.

Don't waste time and motivation and wing it!

First you need the know how, then the tools then off you go. If this was your house aka body, and I said you can have this house up and usable for living in 8 weeks, here's the plans and the tools to get it done. You would take that wouldn't you?! Now when it comes to the gym, people think they know exactly what to do. Don't get me wrong everyone can manage to work a treadmill or pick a dumbbell up. But how to use it all and have an effective diet working along side it is another thing all together. Why not learn it so you know what you're doing is working. Assumptions are the mother of all f#ck ups!

With out further a due the take home notes from WEEK 1 -

Workout your Macros

First of all you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight in general, that's step 1. Then you may choose to either spread yours macro's (protein, carbs and fat evenly over the whole day. Or carb cycle daily so you position all the carbs at the start of the day and absolute minimal otherwise nothing at the end of the day. This way is more efficient. Go HERE for our Free Calculator to work out your calories. And if you want to carb cycle daily and weekly check out our blog HERE for more information.

Plan and organize your food

From your diet, write a list of all the ingredients you will need and add them all up as total for the week. So next time you go for a shop you won't over or under buy. And if it's not in your diet, don't buy the Tim Tam's. This way you won't be tempted. This goes for any food, if it's not there you won't be tempted. Make sure you don't forget anything at the shops. Also DON'T FORGET SCALES AND CONTAINERS if you don't already have them.

My Fitness Pal is an absolutely fantastic app for not only tracking you food, but going shopping too. you can scan bar codes to investigate macronutrients and calories of the food you're buying. If you're ever in doubt and the shop doesn't have what you need. You can either try another shop other wise compensate, with the same protein, carbs and fats.


I personally think fasting while doing your cardio in the morning will be the most efficient way to burn fat. As your body is already in a state of burning fat over the night. You wake up and continue the fat burn without fueling the body with food. You're making the body work at your fat even more. I actually feel better any morning that I do my cardio fasted than if I wasn't to do cardio and just have food. BUT, it is all about fitting it in as well. You have to make it work for you. When ever you can get your cardio in will be fine, as long as you're in a caloric deficit then you will still be burning fat over the whole day. But fasted is better.

What cardio you ask? HIIT training is the best. High Intensity Interval Training. Anything with short rounds of explosive on off. For example, bike sprints ... 30 seconds sprint to a 30 second cruise. Time is up to you but do try total you cardio anywhere from 10-30 minutes. If you're still weight training most of the time during the week then this will be suffice.


BCAA - Amino Acids are like the building blocks to muscles. When on a diet or a deficit of calories, having amino acids aids a great deal in sparing muscle and helping them recover quicker. Great to sip on all day and especially around training.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - This is great at metabolizing fats and carbs. It aids in pushing glucose out of the blood stream and into muscle cells to be used for energy instead of being able to be turned to fat.

Policosanol - Aids in maintaining a healthy cholesterol levels and great for heart health.

Krill Oil - This is one of the best fats you can get that will aid in not only over all function and cellular health but also aids in weight loss. Due to the enzymes released when krill oil is consumed, it shouldn't be underestimated as an all rounder when cutting. I use krill over fish oil as it's 9 times stronger.

Chromium - This is an absolute life saver when it comes to cravings. After a meal with carbs, usually a spike to drop comes along. At the drop is when you may start to feel hungry again, that's where this bad boy comes in. It will keep your levels nice and stable.

EGCg (Green Tea Extract) - This is a great fat burner through it's properties to help metabolize fat quicker. It also aids in maintaining great cellular health.

Dyma-Burn - This is my choice of stimulant fat burner for now. Some times I tend to change but what works for now I go with. It's pretty strong and as for any strong stimulant you must use it with a protocol to not fry you stimulant receptors. Taking too much or taking it for long will ultimately have an adverse effect and may stuff your metabolism. A good fat burner is taken to help burn fat through boosting your metabolism.

A Juice or Smoothie a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The amount of nutrients you can get from the fruit, veggies and other goodies you can fit in a juice or smoothie is amazing! One juice or smoothie with the right ingredients can pretty much give you your days worth of nutrients. With the right nutrients every day, your body can just about do anything. This is very underestimated and under utilized. Think of a good juice or smoothie as a supercharged multivitamin but only cheaper and better!

PLUS it's a great way to get your fiber especially when you're having so much protein. Rule of thumb is more protein means more fibre is required.


If you know me, I'm definitely a coffee addict. A love a good Vanilla Latte...yes sugar and yes milk aka sugar and fat. But, if you can put up with a short black or even an almond latte, I'd advise doing that. Or using almond milk or something lighter. When milk is frothed, it actually releases sugar molecules. So whether you have sugar in your coffee or not, you're still getting sugar. Just be wary, personally I don't want to waste calories on milk. And you'd hate for a simple coffee to be ruining your results.

Containers are the way to go

Whether big or small organisation for a cut is crucial. The last thing you want to do is give up on a cut because it took too much time. You want to organize yourself in the most convenient way possible. If you're carb cycling and you have the facilities near you all day to have big containers of the same ingredients to get out and weigh, that's one way of measuring up the right amounts for the different days. Other wise you can spend prep day sorting the different containers to the different days but make sure to label them what days are what...crucial!

The first week feeling

Usually the first week is the hardest as you and your body is getting use to this new diet. So yes I did get a bit angry, but expected no less going from 5000-6000 calories a day to 3200 calories. Plus no carbs in the afternoon where as I would usually be chowing down a nice big bowl of rice and mince. My body was looking for it... hangry! Hungry and Angry at the same time for those of you who have never heard of that. Other than a slight hunger by afternoon, my mornings after my cardio feel amazing and my strength has not gone down. This would also be due to positioning the last bit of carbs still around my workouts at 3pm. Timing! If you however have a late night workout, try minimal low GI carbs like sweet potato an hour before training and no carbs after.

Stay tuned for the next part!


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