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Fat log – Final Part

And the final results are in! By eating reasonably healthy food through out the 8 weeks, I’ve managed to put on 11kg… A LOT of FAT, some fluid, and maybe merely some muscle (hopefully). The point I was trying to prove was that losing weight isn’t all about eating “HEALTHY”. It’s a messed up misconception. I’m here to show you that you can not only put on weight but possibly just stay where you are. I’m showing you the what not to do’s then in my Cutting Log, the things to do. It’s about the types of food, how much and timing. If you haven’t seen part 1 or 2, you can watch them here… this is to make sure you get all the what not to do’s and witness the transformation from the start.



Weeks 4 to 8 notes

Food can have different calories!

So as you could tell from one of the logs comparing food. Food can weigh the same but one can have completely different calories and macronutrients. The contents of the meal is just as important as the size of the meal itself though. Don’t be scared thought, knowing what foods are calorie dense to other that aren’t ends up being like riding a bike. Same goes for sizing meals, you eventually pick up how to do it by eye. Just the first few weeks or months you have to stay strict and weigh everything, then you’ll be a pro. Just like everything is hard when you first do it, well practice makes perfect. After all learner plates on your can’t aren’t forever.

What 200 calories looks like with different food –

Eating healthy is expensive

Too right to that. The cost of eating healthy may be through the roof but your saving on medication and hospital bills. As much as that can sound like a threat, it's very true. Whether it happens now or later down the track, you may get sick or even need to change the in souls of your shoes! These things may have been avoided with some proper dieting and training. The best way to save on costs is workout what you actually need for the week or month and just by that. Don't over indulge otherwise yes you will be spending more money! Plan and save!

Be careful of juice

Juice, jiuce, juicE ... even these 3 juice's spelt are not the same and the same goes for juices getting sold at supermarkets and retail stores. Juice is considered healthy because of the benefits that juice can provide. Until some one exploited the knowledge of people, loaded there juice with sugar and preservatives and made millions. Mean while, you're insulin is sky high and your body has to put up with this synthetic crap! Plus they're contributing an ever growing medication industry to solve what ever crap you end up with because of products like their's and others like it.

Sorry, probably getting a bit carried away here but people are getting screwed every day. "But I thought juice was healthy"... exactly you thought wrong! Think again and check the back of the bottle and get what you pay for! Juice is amazing, just get the right one. Better yet, get the fruit yourself and juice it yourself, you can by nothing better in a bottle, I promise!

Food is not always energy

As you could tell, I looked like crap. Especially after my walk up at Olinda Falls with my clients. But for most of the time I was tired yet I was still hungry. Figure that one out! It was my body having to put up with so many calories plus the additional weight that I wasn't use to carrying that was hindering me. The right food in the right amounts will give you energy yes. Even the right food, but the wrong amounts and the wrong times will or can leave you exhausted. Don't just satisfy your taste buds, satisfy your brain, body and the way of living.

Protein powder and it's misconception

Protein powder for years had a massive misconception about it. Girls wouldn't want to get big arms and guys don't want to get fat. I've got news for you, protein is protein! Now some proteins can be sold as mass gainers, in other words it has A LOT of carbs in it. Or it can be sold as a cutting shake, in other words no carbs and it may contain something like L-Carnitine. A natural amino acid that aids weight loss.

Don't fall for the shiny packaging and the rumors you may here. All in all if you can get protein from your food then do that. If not then make sure to check the macros (protein, carbs and fats) fit you diet. And check the other ingredients to make sure they work with you too. Protein is may come from different sources but it's closely the same.

Think about your desserts

Be careful with what you eat especially right before bed, which is when dessert is typically eaten. Most desserts are sugar loaded or at least majority carbs so just weigh up the pros and cons from what you're having. If it's a cheat meal then maybe it's fine. As soon as you have that dessert, don't even think that you may be burning fat...there's no chance.

Being heavy is not good (over weight)

Being over weight is generally not good. But to experience having a little excess weight on myself that wasn't just muscle was terrible. By the end of the fat log I was quite tired, fatigued and my feet, knees and even back would start to hurt from standing all day. I could not imagine what it would be like to be more excessive than that. Obviously your body will adjust and lets say compensate. BUT, that's not always a good thing, that when problems start.

Carrying excess fat especially around the mid section is never good as it may be an indication to visceral fat. The fat we don't want in excess around our organs. In excess they slowing release toxins that's essentially killing us from the inside.


I really hope you got something useful out of this and hope that at least one or more points pushing you in the right direction. Or even stops you from maybe doing something that you thought was totally normal. I did not like being at the status I was, eating was great and had a lot of fun. But for the price I paid, aesthetics and the way I felt, it was really not good at all.

I can't wait to reveal the cutting log when done. From this post I am now 1 week in and down 3KG. Most of it will be fluid from not having the amount of carbs I was having. Look out for the cutting log to then get all the tips on what to do. If you didn't get to see all the tips from this Fat Log, make sure to go back and watch the first two episodes...




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