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Fat log – Part 2

So as you can see from just one week, the results are pretty bad and this is from healthy food. If you didn’t yet watch part 1, you can watch it HERE for all the tips on what not to do. The whole point of this fat log is to show people you can definitely get fat by eating healthy food. A lot of people don’t know too much about nutrition and are just eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. So here is me using myself as a demonstration to show you what can happen by doing what people think is “Eating healthy to lose weight”.

My day may be different to yours

I still want to clarify I am eating 5000 calories +. This is where people may get confused to thinking well of course you’re going to gain weight quickly by doing that. So I want to point out that my 5000 calories may be different to yours as I may weigh heavier than you, even my activity levels may be higher but the point I’m trying to get at is I’d need around 4000 calories to put on lean mass. So not too much difference, but essentially I’m eating in an excess that my body can’t even use which will yes turn to fat. This is good food or not. People think it’s all just about the food but it’s not. It’s a lot harder to 5000 calories of good food yes but it’s still the point I’m trying to prove. People want to lose weight by “Just eating healthier”. It may make a difference, but probably not the difference that they’re looking for.

This video is going to cover the next 2-4 weeks so you see how much fatter I get in just 3 weeks. The last 4 weeks plus the conclusion is going to be covered in the last video; part 3.

Weeks 2 to 4 notes

Eat High Calorie Foods

Eating high calorie foods is obviously going to get your calorie count up quick. Now from the few examples of food I showed in the video you can obviously see that different foods have different calories, size aside. It's what the food is that makes the difference. Take note that fat has 9 calories per gram, double that of protein and carbs. So things like dairy or pizza, even nuts will accumulate calories very quickly.

Eat Sugar

As I said in the last blog, eating sugar is going to spike and drop your insulin and energy levels a lot quicker than having low GI carbs, protein and fats. Doing this also allows you to store fat and doesn't allow you to burn fat.

More time in the day

The more time in the day, the more time you have to eat. Just be wary of that and it may be a contributing factor to hunger. Even if you're just sitting behind a computer, your brain actually uses up a lot of calories too. So you may get hungry lets say every 3 hours, you're going to want to eat.


Oh no, not pizza! Now the only reason pizza is seen as bad is because of this misleading belief that it makes you gain weight. And yes it would if you eat that and everything else in the day. Because yes it does have a lot of calories. But, only because of the cheeses, oils, bread and other high calorie food that the pizza is made of. Pizza is calorie dense just like lets say nuts for example. Weight for weight they are pretty close. But the reason pizza has a bad name is because of what else is put in the pizza like the preservatives, unnecessary salt and even the oil cooked at a really high temperature can be close to turning into trans fats. If you want to know more about fats click HERE.

Stress out

Stressing is going to increase the hormone cortisol. In high levels this can make you put on weight, especially around the stomach area. There are more cortisol receptors in your stomach, so if you're stressed and you're in a caloric surplus...guess where those calories are going! You guessed it...the stomach. Learn how to stress less and control your fat burn with cortisol HERE.


There is a massive misconception around sauna's that they help you lose weight very quickly. I just want to clarify what a sauna will do. The acute affects are yes weight loss, but that weight is mostly water. So as soon as you get the chance to hydrate and drink so fluids the weight will be put on straight away again. In terms of a thermogenic effect it does boost your core temperature and can help you burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate / calorie expenditure. So only if you're in a caloric deficit and you hit up the sauna then yes it may help you burn fat. The reason I went into hot yoga was to loosen up from training. Yoga is good for this but hot yoga is even better!

Drink Alcohol

I just want to point out that I will not be drinking for the entire 8 weeks so that I can prove that it's purely from food. This way you can't blame alcohol as yes alcohol may make you gain weight. Drinking alcohol will not only halt weight loss but it will even prevent muscle gain. Your body considers alcohol a toxin. As like your three macronutrients; protein, carbs and fats. Alcohol sits at 7 calories per gram. Now before your normal metabolism can continue doing it's work, the body will work to burn off the alcohol first. In this process your body comes to a halt, as well as your progress you may have been getting. For more information on Alcohol go HERE.


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