Watch me get FAT – Fat Log Part 1 – What not to do…

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Fat log – The beginning

So here’s the start of something I’m dreading. The whole point of this fat log is to show people you can definitely get fat by eating healthy food. Too many times to count now I have people and clients come to me that want to lose weight but they want to start by “just eating healthy food”. Well I’m here to prove it’s not just about that. A lot of people don’t know too much about nutrition and are just eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. If I can use my self as a test dummy, then I think people will actually start to realize maybe there is some truth coming out my mouth. So of course, why not show people first hand. The things the you shouldn’t be doing in this fat log. Then finally when I cut again, the things that you should be doing to not only cut fat but maintain it as well.

Too many

The way I see in, too many people get this spontaneous burst of motivation to come to the gym. They make the change by eating healthy. And say they’re going to stick to it to lose weight and get shredded. Then they don’t see the results because that’s all they thought it took. Or at least they maybe jumped on a FAD diet that wasn’t for them. Then for that motivation to dissipate and that motivation to go as quick as it came. Which is so unfortunate because people deserve to get the bodies they want! They just have to be shown how. So what better way than to start off with what not to do. Then what to do! And, do it myself.

Quick brief

So I’ll be eating a lot of good food and some bad food along the way. But I’ll be telling you why I’m doing what I’m doing and what it’s doing. Please note: I am eating 5,000 calories + each and everyday but this may be different to your amount of calories that you need to gain weight as quickly as this. As I sit at about 104kg in my before shots, my body will churn through calories a lot quicker to someone at 75kg. For me to not put on so much fat I should be eating around 4,000-4,200 calories each day but this is still bulking. The excessive calories is why I will gain so much weight. Food that my body doesn’t need. Although I know this, a lot of people don’t realize that they’re eating way over what their body needs.

Part 1

This part 1 is covering the first week. And wow, what a dramatic difference it was. I’m just going to point out that it looks a lot worse than it really is. I think the lighting was against me in the 1 week after and I was in the studio. When I took the before photo it was in the gym with my iPhone and the lighting must have been on point. (I think I have to learn how to use lighting a bit better or just do the before and afters in the same studio). As for the before, it was just after a work out and I was dry as so I looked pretty good I must say. As for the after, I definitely look quite terrible, although not as bad without that lighting. Still bad. AND, only one week.

So with each video I want to show you what I’m eating and when I’m eating it. Plus all the things you shouldn’t be doing to put on weight that people may not know they’re doing. There will be a weigh in at the end of each week. Then I’ll finish with a conclusion at the end of each video to sum it all up.

Week 1 Notes

Don't eat just before bed

Don't eat just before bed and definitely don't eat carbs too close to bed either. All this is going to do is give your body energy that it doesn't need. Now if you're in an excess of calories from the day and you do this, well it's most likely going to be stored as fat. Protein and fats not so much but carbs, most likely. So either eat at least 3 hours before going to bed or just don't eat carbs at dinner time. At least this is playing it safe if you're not counting calories.

Consume Dairy

Consume Dairy as a it contains fat, calories can accumulate quickly. And if you're like me, dairy doesn't sit right any way and results in skin issues. I'm just chowing down the dairy to get the calories up. So I'd recommend either limiting dairy as much as possible or just cutting it out. It is a valuable source of calcium but this can be received by either a load of veggies or supplementing.

Carbs every single meal

Carbs are really good if you do want to get your calories up fast as they're so easy to consume. Also keeping your insulin levels up is the best way to build muscle, unfortunately at the same time you can store fat too. Insulin gets released when carbs are consumed and essentially provides energy to you and your muscles. In excess though, it may be turned into fat to store for later. So if you're trying to stay lean or get lean, I'd advise tapering your carbs off the the end of the day. Otherwise if you're counting calories and you're not going too far over your calorie expenditure then you'll be fine to have carbs every meal.

Don't space your food

Not spacing your food is a great way to put on weight. And not good weight. Your body wants to be able to break the food you give it down and if there's too much to digest at once, you're going to feel like crap and your body is either going to discard it or store it as fat. The more spaced apart you can keep your food, the more your body is going to be able to break the food down. The easier it is for your body to break food down, the more nutrients your body is going to receive and the higher your metabolism is going to stay. This is good for building muscle and burning fat!

Eat sugar

Eat sugar to gain weight quick. Like I said eating carbs is going to spike insulin. Eating High GI sugary carbs is going to spike your insulin the highest. And what goes up must come down. By eating sugar you give yourself a rush of energy. Then follow that by crashing down which will results with you looking for more food to satisfy your drop in energy. The higher your insulin is the less fat you can burn and the more fat you can store. Refer to my Carb Cycling Blog for more information.


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