Top 3 supplements to kill cravings and help appetite!

Kill cravings and appetite

Ever started a diet and thought first week wasn’t too bad? Then by week 2 you could kill someone for a slice of bread or piece of chocolate because of your appetite. Cravings come and go but it seems that with anything when you take something away, you want it even more. This principle applies quite well in diet too. Not everything has to be taken away but for the most part, an efficient diet may require removing some of the treats that you cherish. Now don’t think you have to remove them forever. Like I’ve said in my other blogs, pick a time frame for your cut and stick to it. You may just need to go without for that time frame, in doing so sometimes craving or appetite assistance may go a long way in keeping you sane.

Thought it was going to be fine?

Before the diet starts you may have the strongest head space in getting the job done. But, when it comes to it and you’re in a deficit, chemicals and hormones in your body change and it can get hard! Sometimes it’s not even your fault. I once had a client that cut sugar cold turkey and he found him self sleeping walking eating ice cream at 2:00am. At first I thought it was excuses. But when he came to me actually upset and worried I thought this has to be something else. He said “It’s like I can’t even help it”. He’d wake up to him sucking on an ice cream in his bed. Now weather or not this is you, it doesn’t really matter. You can’t lie and say you’ve never had a craving here and there because it will happen. Weather it be for something sweet or savory, it’s natural to want food when you’re in a deficit or calories. This is actually what happens whether you know it yet or not, deep down in your subconscious, the chemicals in your brain have cravings.

I want to give you my top 3 preferences of supplements to kill cravings and help curb appetite. This is going to not only keep you sane but burn fat more efficiently and easier. We don’t want to go into a cut thinking it’s absolute hell when it doesn’t have to be. Use some assistance and smash your goal once and for all.

Top 3 Supplements to kill cravings and curb appetite

  1. Chromium
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  3. Glucomannan


Chromium helps control blood sugar levels and stabilizes insulin levels by moving glucose from the blood stream into muscle cells to be used for energy. By doing this you have a more sustained level of energy. It will prevent the spike and drop you get from consuming carbs. And by not getting that drop you will prevent yourself from looking for that next source of carbs. Chromium can be found naturally in yeast, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately these sources are carbs so it’s like it almost defeats the purpose. This is where supplementing during your cut will be great. It’s great for having just after carbs or depending of the level of dosage 1-2 times a day. Dosage can sit anywhere from 250mcg-500mcg a day. Dosed further apart for maximum efficiency. Try 250mg in the morning and 250mcg by lunch or afternoon tea.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid will assist in metabolizing carbohydrates and fats to be turned into energy. The more efficiency your body has at turning food into energy, the less cravings you will get. The less cravings you get, the less you'll turn to stuffing your diet up and ultimately not getting to your goal. An effective dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid daily is 500mg-1800mg. Dosed further apart for maximum efficiency. Try 1000mg morning, 500mg lunch and 500mg at dinner.


Glucomannan works by absorbing the water in the stomach and intestines by creating a bulky fiber to make you feel full. What it's doing here is actually setting off some signals to the brain to say you're full. By doing this it limits the hormone that gets released when your stomach starts shrinking which is Ghrelin. This is your hunger hormone. By manipulating this, you're able to control your appetite. It also slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the gut which will also control blood sugar levels. Win Win. An effective dose of glucomannan is 5g to 10g a day. Take this when you think you will feel super hungry.


The best part about the supplements is they're super cheap and effective. You can use them in conjunction with each other too. Once you control your craving and appetite while trying to lose weight, you won't be thinking about food round the clock. You'll feel like you have control of your mind and ultimately your body.


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