3 New Perspectives on diet you must have to get your dream body!

3 New Perspectives you need to have

Have you ever been so concerned about diet that you never started. Or at least it took some time but in the end it didn’t seem to work anyway? When a new client comes to me, I instantly want to help them get them results from day one. But, they have to want it. I’ve found over all the years I’ve been training and helping others there seems to be a similar mindset. This mindset is that people think cutting is forever and that you need to be so pedantic about maintaining a great body. Hell no. I want to explain to you the 3 area’s that you have to understand to once and for all get after your dream body. To change the way you think about the process of a diet that will make it a lot easier.

3 area’s of that need a new perspective!

  1. The cut
  2. Maintenance
  3. Flexible eating

The Cut

So let’s start with the cut. You must understand to lose weight, you need to be in a deficit. This deficit or restriction of calories is temporary for you to get to your goal weight. Check out all our other videos in the blog to learn more about cutting weight quickly and effectively. Then, it’s all about maintaining it. For ages I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for so many. To finally realize it was the thought of this massive daunting process people thought they were going to be forever in. I’d here so many times “I’ll just eat healthy”. But I’m sorry to tell you it’s not all about eating healthy. What usually happens with people that just try to eat healthy is they don’t see results and say “Well, that didn’t work”. Then the loss of motivation veers them off their goal! These tips and tricks to lose weight are easy to learn and implement.

Now what you want to do is give yourself an appropriate time frame that’s not too short to not make results. But also not too long that it’s daunting either. Something like 8 weeks is perfect to get your body into the groove. It’s not too short so you’ll definitely see some results. And it’s not too long that you may give up half way through. It’s why I base our Tight and Toned in 8 program for 8 weeks.


So once you get to your dream body, it’s all about maintaining it. This process shouldn’t be as daunting as cutting. Why? Because you get to eat more and be more flexible with what you eat. You can work this out by downloading our Fat Burning Blueprint. It will give you your maintenance, cutting and bulking calories plus the break down of the day. Hitting a proper maintenance diet will keep you satisfied unlike a cut where you may feel hungry all the time. Often people Yo-Yo too much from binge eating to these ridiculous low calorie diets. No wonder they can’t sustain their weight. If you cut appropriately to then maintain your weight with a good healthy and steady diet, you’d be set. Too many hit such a low calorie diet, they get sick or get sick of it. For some it doesn’t work and for others they may get the results but they go straight back to eating crap because their diet was so restricted. There is a process for everything. And to get your body, you need to learn how to do it properly. But in saying that it starts with the mindset.

Flexible eating

Now you’ve cut and at a nice weight. You’ve figured out your maintenance diet and have been able to maintain where you’re at. Now you can push the boundaries where you wish or think you need to be your happy self and enjoy life. Not saying you can’t enjoy life on a maintenance, this is what’s it’s about. Having the best of both worlds, having the body you want and eating the food you wish to. But this is where you have to have control. You can still have the food you wish to. But remember this, you are what you habitually do. Or in this case, you are what you habitually eat. So if you’re eating good for 5 out of 7 days, I’m sure 1-2 days eating isn’t going to make too much difference and make you obese. It’s the same if you were eating bad 5 out of 7 days, I’m sure 1-2 days of eating good is going to make you ripped. It’s about being happy in your own skin. Being happy with how you look and feel but also be able to enjoy a drink or BBQ on the weekend.

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