3 Simple and Accurate ways to Measure Progress for anyone!

Scales Aren't Everything

Time to measure up…progress time. So you’ve just had an amazing week of dieting and training. You think how proud you are of yourself to then jump on the scales and the numbers have not moved. With an eye twitch and the grit of the teeth, you think “Why do I even bother?!”. Have you ever had a moment like this? Don’t worry you’re not alone!

As a trainer I see this too many times to count. People come into the gym and go straight to the scales. Especially before a session and if they’re not happy with their results, they have the worst session ever doubting their every rep! Now just like training and dieting, weighing in to see your results has a method too. Done wrong and you may be veered in the wrong direction and give up all together. This isn’t what we want! Done right though and you’ll give yourself so much praise you won’t be able to wait for that next week of low carbs and intense training. You’ll want more results!

Often what happens is people weight them selves wrong. They jump on the scales and just go off that one number. Now, a number of things may have happened to keep that number the same. Maybe you had weighed yourself in the morning last weigh in. You could have eaten something right before the weigh in. Or you may have put on muscle and lost fat. This can equivelate to the same number as a whole on the scales as muscle weighs more than fat. The only way to know now if you have made progress is my girth measurements or clothing.

Complex methods to measure progress

There are heaps of ways to measure progress, heaps of very very accurate methods at that. Equipment that will get your body fat measured to the .0000 BUT, we don't need that. And not to mention a lot of people don't have access to this equipment, nor want to fork out money every time they want to way in. There are cheaper methods that are very accurate like skin fold calipers. But you need to have some one that 1. Knows how to use them, 2. You may need to pay this person and 3. Skin fold calipers can be quite daunting. Lets be honest, someone pinching your fat to measure it. Not really every ones cup of tea when they just want to lose a few kilos.

Simple methods to measure proggress

The best methods I've found that are easy, convenient for everyone and are quite accurate are these three:

  1. Body composition scales: Scales that can measure not only your total body weight but your body fat and lean muscle mass as well. These scales can be bought online for any from $50 to $300. You don't need anything fancy, just get what you can afford, some of the more expensive ones will give a deeper analysis of segmenting body parts. But, all you need is body composition. Click HERE to check out your options on eBay.
  2. Girth measurements: Although you may need some one else for this it's quite easy. You can definitely do it your self but you may just need to get use to it. All you need some measurement tape and you're good to go. They're so cheap, check them out HERE.
  3. Mirror and clothes: That's right, I said the mirror. And clothes don't change their size unless washed wrong. So you're bound to notice change when you slip those jeans back on and you're 2 centimetres down. See the mirror doesn't lie either, although you may doubt yourself one day and think nothing has happened when in actual fact you have lost weight. This is where the 3 come together. If you have done everything you know you should have during the week without any slip ups then you're bound to get results from one of the three if not all.

Tips for your weigh in and check.

  1. Weigh in on the same day and time of the day every week.
  2. Make the time in the morning before you've had anything to eat or drink.
  3. Nude is best, as it's true body weight.
  4. Track your results, nothing is worst than not knowing what you weighed in at the week before.
  5. For girth measurements, make sure to measure on the exact same spots every time.

Results ahoy, give yourself a pat on back and push on!

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