Burn fat and stress less by keeping control of Cortisol

Lower Cortisol Increase Fat Burn


Ever wonder why you or anyone hold more fat around their mid section and struggle to burn fat in general? This hormone can definitely have a big part to play. This hormone is also known as the stress hormone. This bad boy is good and bad but very important. It plays a massive role in survival but it also plays a massive role in unnecessary stress and fat gain. It’s the reason why people tend to hold more around their mid section. Why? Because there are more cortisol receptors around the mid section than any where else in the body. If you’re in an excess of calories and your stressed, guess where that fat is getting stored. CORRECT…your stomach! Also having elevated cortisol means a drop in the  hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is responsible for lean muscle growth. Less lean muscle means lower metabolism which means less fat burn.

How is cortisol released?

Cortisol gets released from your adrenal gland and there are a few ways it gets stimulated.

Under attack?

- When your body thinks you are under attack or in a stressful situation, it awakens the fight or flight mode. This may stem from a life or death situation down to just getting some where late. Obviously the severity is different but cortisol may still be released.

High GI foods

- When you eat high GI carbs you spike your insulin and blood sugar levels. Cortisol partners up with insulin to clear glucose from the blood stream and helps regulate insulin. In other words, eating high GI or sugary foods you're spiking cortisol levels and putting your self at more risk of storing fat.

Intense Training


- Now you're probably thinking "Hang on a second! I've been told to train my ass off to lose this weight". Intense training is good and is a necessity to keep muscle and ultimately burn more fat. But when in a deficit, it is possible to train too much as well. Because your putting the muscles under copious amounts of stress while training, cortisol is released. The body can only regulate so much before it starts doing harm especially when your limiting your nutrition in a deficit of calories. I'd advice to keep training within an hour or less. If you need to train more than once a day then I'd recommend separating your training sessions in the day.


- Any stimulants like caffeine, fat burners, pre-workouts, elicit drugs and more will increase cortisol. This is done by stimulating the adrenal gland which is responsible for the release of cortisol. My recommendation is to regulate how much you have an try to keep it at a bare minimum of stimulants. Try other fat metabolizing agents like CLA, L-Carnitine and green tea extract.

Tips for keeping cortisol levels low

  • Conduct a morning ritual with meditation, stretching and even take a few minutes to reflect some gratitude.
  • Think positive and stay happy, including surrounding yourself with positive individuals and experiences.
  • Sex reduces cortisol dramatically
  • Laughing stimulates so much endorphin's it pretty much rids the body of cortisol
  • Relaxing and even meditating any time of the day
  • Eating low GI foods and keeping away from white breads, rice and pasta
  • Keeping training intense but within an hour otherwise split the session over the day
  • Limit stimulants and try using non-stimulant fat burners


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