Want to lose FAT – 1 Simple Strategy to strip weight fast!

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Ever been on a diet before and it seems to be working a lot slower and more painful than you were anticipating? I’ve definitely been there myself! Following the rules I thought I knew made me want to give up all together. To then come across an amazing strategy that changed the way I cut fat forever.

It’s called Carb Cycling.

When you go on a cut to lose fat you want it to be short and sweet. Like I’ve explained in some of my other videos, to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. Now when in this caloric deficit, you’re not giving your body sufficient energy it needs, it actually thinks it’s dying. And for this reason + limiting your food and coming to the brink of insanity, cutting should always be short and sweet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to happen in 2 weeks either. But, if done correctly a lot can happen in 6-8 weeks!

Carb cycling can be done over a week or the day or both.

Daily is essentially positioning carbohydrates (aka the bodies main energy source) only where it’s needed. For instance we need most of our energy at the start of the day to get going. And we need the least amount of energy at the end of the day when we go to sleep.

Weekly is cutting the total carbs from the start of the week to the end of the week. You’re having bare minimal at the end and with the absence of carbs comes more fat burning potential.

Now you’ve also got the potential to do both for even more efficiency. With the total amount of carbs you have on each day that is dropping by the day, you’re also having the most at the start and the least at the end.

How does this work you ask? Well it has a lot to do with an important hormone called insulin. To put it simply insulin rises when we have carbs and the more insulin means less fat burn. So, less carbs means less insulin means more fat burn. At the same time we still need carbs to 1. Keep us sane and 2. Keep our muscle bellies (glycogen stores) replenished to ultimately spare muscle.

Here’s a table to show you an example Day, Week and the combination of both.


Carb cycle both day and week, cut fat.

Live happy lean without being on a restricted diet that seems to go for a life time.


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