1 Reason Why You Are Not Losing Weight

1 Reason Why Your Not Burning Fat

Are you going to the gym time and time again, jumping on the cardio or slaving away at the weights trying to lose weight? But feel like you’re getting no where or you’re not losing weight or burning fat!

It’s as simple as that, all you have to do is eat or consume less that what your body is burning to lose weight or burn fat. BUT, at the same time you can’t eat too lesser calories otherwise your body may go into a precautionary mode. Thinking if it doesn’t get enough fuel any time soon then it will hold on to fat instead. Your body will think you’re dying! And to sustain life and to not die your body will try to get rid of what’s burning fuel to live longer and that is muscle. Your body will get rid of muscle to survive and hold onto fat as it is a valuable dense source of fuel.

Now exercise will help to boost your metabolism and is a catalyst in terms of keeping muscle. It’s a way of telling your body we need to keep the muscle that you’ve got and being in a deficit will forcefully burn the unwanted fuel (a.k.a. FAT).



I have put together 3 simple steps for you to be able to achieve a caloric deficit.

1. Calculate your calorie expenditure
2. Calculate what you can eat every meal
3. Count your calories you eat to match your calculations

In the excel spread sheet I’m providing to you for FREE, you can calculate your expenditure and work out what you can have every meal to maintain caloric deficit and successfully burn fat and lose weight. Then it will be up to you to eat what is required to match the calories.

Download Cheat Sheet HERE


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