3 Fundamental Steps To Creating Your Mother Ship Of Motivation

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Sick of losing the drive or motivation after the first couple of times or first few weeks into something to then only find yourself giving up. By the end of this blog post I want you to be able to master motivation and be able to use this power to any goal or dream you’re after in just 3 simple yet fundamental steps. I want you to be able to realize there is more to goals than just “I want this” or “I want that”, there has to be reasoning, and without reason goals can be very weak and motivation can die off quite quickly.


A lot of people come into my gym and even when people start training with me. One of the first things I ask them is “What do you want to achieve, what is your goal?”. Sure most of them say something like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fitter”. Now that’s great but where’s the drive? When you have a big day at work and you get home before planning on going to the gym, is that “I want to get fitter” going to be good enough? Good enough to get you back off the couch to get going? Maybe, but then again maybe not. Then the excuses come into play why things didn’t happen or this got in the way of “x”, and so on. But what if there is a way to stop wasting time. Grab that spontaneous thought of wanting to get fitter, stronger and healthier. That thought that made you think “That’s it I’m going to sign up to a gym”. These feelings of urge can come and go but when they come you want to make the most of them and not waste them! Trust me they are precious as it may not come around again for a while and there goes getting fitter for another 6 months. Now this is how you are going to harness your motivation in 3 simple steps! That’s it!



  1. Set a tangible and measurable goal with a time frame!
  2. Target the reason and purpose, dig deep!
  3. Commit to 3 action steps!


Set a tangible and specific measurable goal!

– By setting a goal that is reasonably achievable, it will make the goal more realistic for starters. It lets you print a picture of the target, the clearer you are the better. Being able to measure a goal will be key to keeping your progression on track to keep going. For example. I want to lose 10kg [measurable unit kg] of fat [specific] in 10 weeks [time frame]. Overall an achievable goal given if I have that weight to lose.

Target the reason and purpose, dig deep!

Now what you want to do here is find the reason why you want this goal so bad. First think of how it makes you feels where you’re currently at and how it impacts your life. Then think of how it would make you feel if you actually achieved this goal and how it would impact your life and compare the difference. Actually put yourself in that position. Think of the way maybe your friends would look at you, how your family would look at you. How you would make someone else feel because of achieving this. Bringing others into play can also very powerful.

For example, (if I was 10kg over weight and want to lose that 10kg in 10 weeks), currently I feel lousy and a bit lazy. Possibly not in the best health that I could be in. If I was 10kg lighter with less fat, I would look better, feel better, my friends would be happy for me. Hell if it means being able to look better for some one that you like, that can definitely be a strong emotional driver. The deeper you can get with how you would feel, to find that emotional drive the better and stronger the goal will be. Even making it about someone can be the mother ship of motivation. Maybe you want to lose that 10kg to have your kid look up to you as a role model, not some one that’s un-healthy and overweight. In turn they would want to do the same thing and be like you. You would be their inspiration and influence.

Commit to 3 actions steps!

– Now to create at least 3 things you can do to achieving that goals, schedule it and commit to it. So if I wanted to lose 10kg in 10weeks, I could 1. Go to the gym 3 times a week, 2. Aim for 10,000 steps a day minimum 3. To half my portions of meals and eat 5 times a day
From doing this, there won’t be those lazy days when you get home and not want to go out again because “It’s too cold” or “I don’t have time”. If the desire is stronger than the excuse, you won’t care about the cold and you will find time. You will be able to knock back any excuses that stand in the way.


So what have we learnt? By setting tangible and specific measurable goals you have an image in your head to aim for that can be tracked with progress. Putting emotional drive and reasoning behind this goal will make your drive like a wrecking ball. And to finally commit to at least 3 things to get it happening will trigger the start of something great. By continuing these things continuously with your amazing drive of motivation they will become a habit and even a ritual. Your results will become the norm.


I hope you can implement this into your everyday life and especially fitness goals! Find your motivation once and for all. If you liked this post and could really resonate with it, please do share it and help me help others!


Stay tuned and up to date with my weekly posts, I’d love to cover a topic every week. For more information or if you would like some help personally, you’re welcome to contact me directly or even pop down to Hammrr Fitness for a visit to see how we can be of best help.

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